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Protected Endemic Species on Sulawesi
Rainforest Trust and our local partner Yayasan Adudu Nantu International celebrate the addition of 15,346 acres to the existing Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary . This goal — to protect a buffer zone adjacent to the sanctuary — began as a shared vision in 2017 and became a reality in August 2022 .
Indonesia ’ s Sulawesi island is home to rare and endemic biodiversity . Threatened and unusual species found here include the Endangered Lowland Anoa ( a species of buffalo ) as well as the Vulnerable Sulawesi Babirusa , a pig-like animal . Other extraordinary species include Heck ’ s Macaque ( VU ), an Old World Monkey and the Red-knobbed Hornbill ( VU ), a colorful bird native to Sulawesi .
Erdelen ’ s Horned Lizard | Buddhika Mawella
The Emerald Trails Initiative in Sri Lanka
Thanks to your generous support of the Conservation Action Fund , Rainforest Trust and our partner , The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society , were able to make an emergency purchase of 31.89 acres of land here in June to help establish an important wildlife corridor for many species .
Sulawesi Landscape | Sulawesi Babirusa | Sulawesi Red-knobbed Hornbill
Sri Lanka ’ s Southwest Wet Zone is a global biodiversity hotspot featuring one of the greatest numbers of endemic species found anywhere on Earth . A Sri Lankan naturalist has documented 145 endemic species on this protected land , including the highly threatened Erdelen ’ s Horned Lizard ( CR ) and Rough-nose Horned Lizard ( EN ). The Serendib Scops-owl ( EN ), an elusive , endemic , range-restricted bird with an estimated global population of less than 1,000 also makes its home in this tropical lowland rainforest .
This is a joint project with the Quick Response Fund for Nature developed through our Preventing Extinction Fund initiative .