CAF Update: Asia-Pacific—September 2023 September 2023

China Nepal
Myanmar Vietnam
India Laos
Thailand Cambodia
3,238,498 Acres in Progress
157,505 Acres Protected
Sri Lanka
Indonesia Solomon Islands
Protected In Progress
Papua New Guinea Fiji
New Caledonia

Update :

Conservation Action Fund

Asia and the Pacific

Often , conservation is a steady march toward land preservation and species protection . But sometimes , conservation is a sprint . Sometimes the work is urgent and the need is immediate . And for those times , Rainforest Trust maintains our Conservation Action Fund ( CAF ).
The Conservation Action Fund allows us to take swift action , when and where it is needed most .
Within this report , we share updates from a select few CAF projects in the Asia and Pacific regions . With your support , we will have many more such stories to share in the future .
photo Malayan Tiger | Michal Ninger