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Watchfulness in Family Life E.L. Mathansingh, Missionary These are the days of 'technological boom'. We see growth in every field of science and technology. However, 'family life' continues to be a great challenge even to those countries which are well advanced in education and economy. Once, Mr. Regan, the ex-President of the United States was interviewed by a reporter during the fag-end of his successful tenure. The question posed was, “Is there any problem in the country which you were unable to resolve?” To this he answered, “I have endured and put in my best to meet the needs of my citizens. But, that one thing which I was unable to sort out is, 'broken families'. Though we are enjoying the growth in social media in this 21st century, we need to accept the fact that we are faltering in family life and interpersonal relationships. Apostle Paul, highlights this truth in the verse, “for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?” (I Tim 3:5). Family is not man-made. Rather it is divinely ordained by God. That which is supposed to be a garden, blooming and growing, has become an arid desert! Many a family has been shattered because people failed to be watchful. To be watchful means that we keep constant vigil, to keep watch without a wink, to oppose the marauders, to be prepared to face any hardships, to lead the family carefully on the principles laid down by God. When we fail to be watchful in areas where we need to be vigilant, dangers and disasters are inevitable. The chief commander who was watchful and fought many battles, Joshua, said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). He was not only victorious in his social life but also in his November 2019 | | Page 2 family life. What a feat! Job is another example who was watchful against the wiles of the devil. He prayed daily, each morning, for the protection of each and every member of his family. He prayed for their sanctification and offered sacrifices to the Lord (Job 1:5). This article focuses on the areas where we need to be watchful in order to protect our family. 1. Build A Pleasant Atmosphere Understanding one's own family atmosphere is of utmost importance. Some families always have winter in their homes. They hardly talk with each other. They are not bothered about the other person's whereabouts. They are not interested in spending time as a family - having meals together, sharing concerns, having fun,.... It always snows there. Still some families are caught up in a storm. Arguments, quarrels, insults, beatings, fights are the norm of the day. I remember a youth hailing from a Christian family beseeching me, “Uncle, please pray that I should go away from this house” for his house was like a hell to him. Some family members pester like mosquitoes. They keep repeating the wrongs committed years back. They keep on nagging and cannot live peacefully with their family members. May we learn to avoid all such things in our houses and be watchful to ensure that a pleasant atmosphere is always available at our homes. It is difficult to control the climate outside; but it is definitely possible to control it inside our houses.