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following year I was anointed by the Holy Spirit. It was in Chennai I found my better half, GnanaJothi and we were married in the year 1967. She got a job and was working as a school teacher. Blessing: Both of you had good jobs. You could have settled in Chennai. What made you to consider ministry? Soon after our marriage, we used to visit homes and pray. During those years Mr. Jeevanantham asked me to help in his monthly magazine, “Makilchi” (Joy). In the year 1968, I committed my life for ministry. Pastor Sundaram dedicated me for ministry. One day I was listening to Mr. Stanley giving testimony in the Apostolic Christian Assembly (ACA) in Chennai. Slowly, I started to attend meetings conducted by 'Full Gospel Young Men's Association' (FGYMA). In the year 1974, I heard the Lord calling me. I could hear Him speaking to me “Follow Me.” So I resigned my job and came to Vellore on April 5. I was the first staff of BYM (then known as FGYMA). I joined as 'Office Secretary.' inform others. I do not consult people when I am sure of God's leading. Hence I informed my wife. At that time she did not resign. But an year later, she followed in my footsteps. Also, when I went to Vellore, I had nothing in my hand. I had a bike which I handed over to the Mission. Blessing: Your commitment inspires us, Uncle. Tell us more about the initial ministerial life with FGYMA? I was in Vellore and my first allowance from the Mission was Rs.300. We used to visit Sitheri Mission field once in a month. In 1976, I led a SMP (Summer Missionary Programme) team to Javvadu Hills. I also led another team to North India. It was during those field visits, God burdened me about the village ministry. So we decided to move to North India. Blessing: How was your experience in North India? We first moved to Odisha. I worked in various areas like magazine, pioneering among the tribals and revival ministry. We also started a Radio programme in Odiya. During those years, it was the only Christian radio programme in Odiya. For 17 years we served in Odisha starting from 1976. We served in the HQ for 2 years and then shifted to Assam where we served for 5 years. Blessing: We have heard about your talent in literature. Can you say something about your contribution in this area of ministry? Blessing: It must have been a costly decision for you to resign a government job and to consider missionary work. What did your wife say? Did you face any problems from your friends and relatives? It has been my habit to take decision and My literature gifts were obvious from the beginning. In fact, I was editing the 'Magilchi' magazine when I was with Mr. Jeevanantham in Chennai. Then when I joined FGYMA, I was translating the Blessing magazine from English to Tamil. In the year 1972, during the first Blesso, I wrote the Tamil song, 'Elumbiduvir O Valibarae' (Rise up O Young Men). So far I have written more than 20 songs in Tamil, 60 in Odiya and 70 in Assamese. The TPM Church in Assam has incorporated 15 songs and 20 Psalms in their song book. When I was serving in Assam, I was able to translate and publish 11 of our BYM books | March 2020 | Page 13