Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 16

difference. Recognize, however, that it will make a difference. Putting the slight edge principle into action on our side will turn the tide on any goal we haven’t kept up with, if we start today and do something towards it daily. This is a most empowering realization. Mastering the slight edge principle doesn’t need to be time-consuming, but it does need to be proactively scheduled and diligently adhered to. In today’s fast-paced world of instant-gratification, utilizing the slight edge can seem like it’s not working or taking too long. Be patient. Don’t give up. The results will come. The slight edge is always at work, either for us or against us. The years will pass anyway, and we might as well have the slight edge working for us! It will be worth it. Regardless of what aspect of life your New Year’s Resolutions touch on, the slight edge principle will serve you well and make 2015 your best year ever. Action Steps Begin conscientiously harnessing the power of the slight edge with the following steps: 1 Visualize the 2015 that you desire to create and write your three to five most important goals. To activate and engage more of your brain, add photos/drawings of the completion of each goal, and write your goals in color. 2 Next to each of these goals, write down what you will do each and every day to make progress towards their accomplishment. Remember, you don’t need to devote all day every day to your goals; just something each day. These actions will add up faster than you expect. 3 Make several copies of your daily action plan and