Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 22

Personal Development P hysical State of M ental and M ind By E. Kelly Gray Going into business is exciting and adventurous. However, it can also be a draining experience if you’re not prepared. These tips will help keep your mind sharp and your body able to keep up with your aspirations. Don’t neglect the ZZZZZ’s complex carbohydrates that will provide even energy for a sustained time rather than a simple, sugar spike carbohydrate. Aim to be a lean, green, thinking machine. Break up the routine If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re going to have a rough time thinking on your feet to solve that last minute crisis. Also, it’s not just the brain that needs sleep; the body needs to regenerate to function properly. It’s so easy to fall into autopilot, but that’s the thing you mustn’t do! When you do things on autopilot you stop creating different pathways in your brain. To keep yourself on your toes, try switching your hands with simple tasks such as eating with a fork or texting a quick message. Have a healthy diet Brain teasers There is a reason it’s called brain food. Fruits and veggies rich in nutrients protect brain cells from damage. Limit the saturated fats and high calorie intake. Sluggish food leads to a sluggish mind and body. Choose Whether it’s Scrabble, Sudoku or just the daily crossword puzzle, working on mentally demanding puzzles is a great brain workout. The exertion placed on the brain to solve problems strengthens neural pathways, help- 21