Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 19

customers, it is beneficial to put your image on your card. This gives you the ability to “be there”, when apart, comforting your customers.” Your logo is a graphic that represents your brand, if you designed it to be a brand (you did purposefully design it to be a brand, right?!) It should contain your colors, and represent all the aspects of your business. Patterns and textures bring feel and personality. The best images are ones that make great conversation starters, images people see and just have to hang on to. 3. Don’t Stop Halfway Turn your favorite card over and see what’s on the back. Many business cards use the back of their card for lists (products, services, etc.) Consider this: 90% of all business cards get handed out, looked at, and then thrown away. Wouldn’t it be more productive to put something on the back of your card that customers could use all year? We love adding value to cards by putting the current year’s calendar on the back of every business card - so our customers don’t just throw it away when they get back to the office. When the next year comes around, create a new card with a great new theme, new calendar, and send them off to all the people that loved your card from the year before. Remember any company can create a calendar to hang on their wall, but only you will have given them one they carry with them all year long. Why not add cut corners to your business card? Just a little something extra to set you apart from the rest. The perfect impression of you and your business is like 4. The Frosting on a really good magic trick. the Cake Present the perfect sensation, a great presentation, Once you have created the and be remembered above perfect business card, a cor- the rest. nerstone to your marketing tool box, make sure you get the best printing job. This does not need to be expensive, but make sure you are getting 14pt card-stock, not just any card-stock. On top of your 14pt card-stock, have See more Business Cards at: your printer add UV gloss. This gives you an extra thick and sturdy card that will last long enough for your customers to get great use out of their current year calendar.