Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 18

Perfect Impressions Of You Making a perfect first impression is vital to your business. When dropping into a networking session, what is the first thing you do? You hand out your business card. But if your business card, as a first impression is a bad impression, you might be turning prospective clients off. So what makes a great 17 business card? You know you can run to your local printer and get a business card printed up in full color on card stock. But, next time you exchange cards, observe whether the other card is just the same... Chances are it is! Take a simple step and set yourself above the rest. Blues are soothing col- ors and tend to do well with business. Red brings energy and strength giving the perception that you are strong at what you do. Orange is the color of adventure, but also tends to make people want to buy The look and feel of a perfect things on impulse. business card: is associated with Green 1. Eye-Catching Colors Know the personality of your business. Know the corresponding colors that catch peoples’ attention. This does not mean you go out and find the brightest colors you can find. It means you select the colors whose personality fits your business goals. All colors: blue, red, brown, purple, green, orange, etc., have their job in the business world. Its really what you choose to do with them that counts. nature or health and wellness. It brings growth and life to all things. Purple is the color of wealth and power. 2. Great Graphics Graphics greatness comes from a few key elements. They need to tell a story, and create attention in all the right places. Find the right picture that catches your readers eyes! If you are in a business that requires you to deal personally one-on-one with your