Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 14

Getting a Slight Edge By Ben Nilson 13 Each January 1st, many of us keep the healthy tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions, yet only a small fraction of us follow through with them for the entire year. Why is it that so few of us are able to stick to our goals in the long run? “The habit of setting and sticking to goals is a practice common to virtually all successful people, no matter the setting - or aspect of life – to which the goal pertains (business, health, home & family, etc.). Rather than a ‘how-to’ on goal-setting, in this article I’ll share a powerful principle that has profoundly impacted my life. This will, when understood and applied, move you towards your goals faster and more simply than you ever thought possible. Also, it will help you to last longer on your New Year’s Resolutions than most of us did last year.”