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Welcome ,

Thank you for picking up this first issue of Business Growth Connections Magazine . The name “ Connections ” stems from our desire to connect the community and collaborate with other organizations to leverage technology for success . We are proud of the content that we have created and put into this magazine and hope it serves to educate and empower our customers , both present and future .

In this magazine , we are looking to share business growth advice , specifically , how to use technology to streamline your organization . We find that many organizations are lacking this vital skill and they don ’ t necessarily know what they ’ re missing . This publication is a broader way to share that knowledge and illuminate how AVC Technology may just be the missing piece for your organization .
For those of you who don ’ t know us , AVC Technology is a family-owned business in our third generation . We ’ ve actually been around for about 50 years , so we have deep roots all around Indianapolis and regionally around the state and surrounding areas . Our mission is to be a quick-responding , reputable , experienced , business-savvy , one-stop shop for you . We are proactive , with comprehensive project management services , no geek speak , and a 100 % -satisfaction guarantee .
Having been in the business so long , we have many longtime customers . Some we have had for over 40 years when we were the first to install computers for their organization . That ’ s a long time ! We value these relationships and hope to build many more .
Purdue grads ( Go Boilers !), we both come from corporate backgrounds and got involved with this because we wanted to help organizations with their information technology needs . Personally , we like to get out and about and check out state parks and go camping . We ’ ve got two kids , and we travel as much as we can .
Speaking of travel : over the summer , organizations tend to let their guard down , and this can contribute to unexpected problems and security issues . Various studies , including those from the FBI , highlight an increase in the number and severity of cyberattacks during vacation time . As you continue on into your summer holiday , take this as a reminder to stay vigilant with your cybersecurity measures .
Summer is also a time for change in many organizations . For those of you entering into your next fiscal budget cycle , we would like to offer our assistance in getting you set up for success . We are confident that we ’ re the only network services , computer support , and IT consulting business that provides the benefits we do to your organization .
Give us a call any time to set up an appointment .
With that , we hope you enjoy the magazine and have a wonderful rest of your holiday .
Putting together the pieces of your IT puzzle ,
Brian and Lisa Johnson AVC Technology