BullShooter Magazine August 2015 Number 8 Volume 32 | Page 10

Omaha, Nebraska Greater Omaha League Players Successful at NDA Junior Championships The 2nd Annual NDA Junior Dart Championships is now in the past and one group of teens are finally able to rest easy. The team known as Wolfpack: Next Generation, from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, had a long road to the 2015 Junior tournament. The team was put together in January of this year when league coordinator Steve Garrean Jr. and his Junior League coach, Matt Winters, saw potential in four young dart players. The team, comprised of Trent Record (18 years old), Kole Gray (16 years old), Chance Taylor (14 years old) and Dallas Winters (13 years old) had no idea what would transpire after they accepted the invitation. The team was told that they had to earn their way to the tournament, so it wouldn’t be a financial burden on their families. Over the course of the next several months, the team and its coaches hosted fundraiser dart tournaments, spaghetti feeds, raffles, and much more while also finding sponsors to help pay for the expenses incurred by the trip. When all was said and done, the team had reached their financial goal with help from sponsors that included Greater Omaha Leagues, Plattsmouth Eagles #365, Varsity Sports Bar and Brumm Eye Care. The team, with two of its members having thrown for less than a year, knew that it had a lot to improve in their game too. The coaches had the boys sign up for their local “A” Division Team League as well as play in local tournaments, have extra training sessions and even play in larger Regional dart tournaments (BullShooter Nebraska and Heartland Dart Championships) against top competition. After all, if these boys were that serious about the competitive side of the game, this was necessary. The six months prior to the Junior tournament witnessed an extreme improvement in their aver- ages, teamwork and professionalism. Once at the Junior Tournament, the boys exceeded everyone’s expectations; including that of their coaches. Here’s how they ended up: Chance Taylor (14)--Singles 501 National Champion Kole Gray (16)--Singles 501 National Runner-Up Dallas Winters (13)--Singles Cricket National Runner-Up Trent Record (18) & Dallas Winters (13)--Doubles 501 3rd Place Kole Gray (16), Chance Taylor (14) & Steve Garrean, Jr. (Adult)--Adult/Youth Trips National Champions Upon returning home, they were welcomed with fan fare and a pseudoceleb reaction. They were featured in articles in local newsletters, on social media, and were even given their own segment on the news. All four players will return for next year’s Junior Tournament, but it will be as player-coaches helping 2-4 new teammates get ready for National competition. The coaches, as well as these four players, will be scouting during Greater Omaha Leagues’ Summer Junior League to see who they want to add to their team. The team would like to thank everyone who supported them through the whole process and hope they will continue to suppport the team with newly added members as they raise the money for next year’s trip. Adult / Youth Trips National Champions Chance Taylor, Steve Garrean, Jr. & Kole Gray Singles 501 Kole Gray (2nd) & Chance Taylor (National Champion) Submitted By Greater Omaha Dart Legue Cricket Singles National Runner-Up Dallas Winters Team M & R Darts 10