Bulletin 2017-2018 BUI 2017-2018 | Page 112

IEP 451 Human Capital Management and Leadership (3 Credits) A study of the roles and responsibilities of human resource management in the organization about jobs design and analysis, manpower planning, recruitment and selection, human resources development, performance evaluation, compensation management, including information system which can adapt to human resource management. Also study the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations, including communication, motivation, leadership, decision making, change. And conflict in the organization in order to understand the behavior of people working together in organizations. IEP 551 New Product and Service Development (3 Credits) A study of the process of developing and planning new products and services into the market. Meaning and relationship between market opportunity analysis. The pursuit and evaluation of business opportunities Study trends and needs of the market. Analysis of business environment assessment Lead to the conceptualization. Moderation concept Conceptual assessment of new products and services. It leads to the development of prototype products, market testing and introduction of new products into the market. Include the development of new products and services or new business continuously to meet the needs of the market. Major Required Course IEP 501 New Business Venture Creation (30 Credits) (3 Credits) Pre-requisite: IEP 101 Foundations of Entrepreneurship or Dean’s Approval A study of the meaning, role, type, and special attributes of business ownership. Analyze and evaluate the 110 BANGKOK UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL environment both inside and outside the organization which consists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads in the business. Analysis and evaluation of business opportunities. Also study the legal conditions, concepts and processes for establishing new businesses. Operations and problems. In business Include the importance and procedures for writing a business plan as well as guidelines for planning and developing sustainable business. IEP 502 Family Business and Trans Generation (3 Credits) IEP 503 Pitching and Presentation Skills (3 Credits) A study of the patterns and operations of family businesses, organizational culture of family business, the role and relationships of all family members. Also study the development and planning of business operations, family business organization structure, communication, law and tax, professional management practices, leadership for family business, conflict management, how to cr