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EPAB Awarded Association Accomplishment of the Year by TAB
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EPAB Awarded Association Accomplishment of the Year by TAB

Ray Adauto
Executive Vice President El Paso Association of Builders
I should ’ ve known something was up . I got an email from the Texas Association of Builders ( TAB ) reminding me to register for the upcoming TAB meetings in Galveston . This was followed by messages from Randy Bowling , suggesting that I make sure to go and take a suit . Jacob Barde was also reminding me to take a suit . I figured that either Randy or Jacob was to be given an award for their hard work during the year , a lot of great work by these two . I was unsure about heading out to a far away place that is known for beaches that I probably wouldn ’ t see much of . But I
figured it was important for me to be there . I have been to most TAB meetings , so I packed my bag including my suit , and off we went . TAB meetings are great for a number of reasons , seeing old friends , meeting new ones , catching up on the work of TAB , and of course going to the installation awards dinner .
The event was very nice , the food was good , and the table mates were fun to be with . It was with the first TAB award of the night that my world came into focus as Scott Norman , TAB EO , started to say that our Association Accomplishment of the Year award winner traveled 600 miles to Austin regularly , Washington , DC
2200 miles away and here they are in Galveston . He said the word “ app ” at some point , which triggered my surprise look when Scott asked if the El Paso Association of Builders would come up and accept the award . I looked at Randy and Jacob , both with smiles a mile long , saying “ surprise !”. They knew . I didn ’ t . Don ’ t get the idea I was completely out of touch , after all I had submitted the paperwork hoping to get recognized for the Builders Outlook app , our cell phone app meant to keep members informed , and with information at their fingertips . The idea came from Ted Escobedo , like others he has proposed , or
we ’ ve put into work . Ted and Ceci Marquez put the work into the backroom , a long and tedious journey into development . When we launched it , the idea was so new that even to this day we are the only known association to offer one , especially a specifically purposed app like ours . So I accepted the Award on behalf of the EPAB , and for Ted and Ceci . I happen to be the vessel representing all of our members . So , congratulations . And take a hint . If you are urged to take a suit to the beach , do it . It has to be a good idea .
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