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EPAB President ’ sMessage
2023Issue11 BuildersOutlook 3

EPAB President ’ sMessage

The season for giving and forgiving

Delton Deal
President El Paso Association of Builders
Forgiveness is a complex and often deeply personal process that involves letting go of feelings of resentment or anger toward someone who has wronged you . It doesn ' t necessarily mean condoning or excusing the behavior but rather releasing the negative emotions that may be holding you captive .
Now today I ’ m simply talking about giving yourself a break . This break can lead to emotional healing , reduced stress , and improved mental well-being .
Forgiveness doesn ' t always come easily , and it may require time and effort . Acknowledging the hurt and pain can help you understand the perspective of the person who hurt you . This doesn ' t mean justifying their actions or communicating that you are seeking to forgive . Forgiveness is a conscious decision . It ' s not about forgetting or pretending the harm didn ' t
happen , but rather choosing not to hold onto the negative emotions associated with it . Sometimes , forgiveness involves forgiving yourself for mistakes or choices . Self-forgiveness is a crucial part of personal growth and healing . Now some might say that communicating with the person who wronged you can be a part of the forgiveness process . I do not have that viewpoint , again I ’ m simply talking about self-preservation here . Ultimately , forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself , freeing yourself from the burden of carrying resentment and anger . You may find it helpful to seek support from friends , family , or professionals during this process . Again , forgiveness doesn ' t mean reconciliation ; in most cases , maintaining healthy boundaries is the best outcome . I believe you can forgive
without necessarily including the person who caused the harm back into your life . Forgiveness is more about your inner state of mind and your emotional well-being than it is about the external relationship . It ' s a personal process that can bring about healing , even if circumstances have not changed . During this Holiday Season , while most of us are spending time with our extended families , there may be conversations or triggers that can make these gatherings difficult . So , I recommend just fellowship with your family and enjoy . But the sooner you forgive the sooner you become whole again . So , gift yourself by lifting your burdens and finding a safe place to bury them not store them .