Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 27

Seed pods need to take root As a result of coastal development, mangroves worldwide are being destroyed up to four times more quickly than other types of forests. Adopt-A-Mangrove continues to grow 1,020 mangrove "foster parents" have participated in the program. • workshops have been successful in providing mature, hardy plants that are optimal for shoreline plantings • participants are encouraged to show greater interest in the health of the Indian River Lagoon • many volunteers continue to participate in other types of conservation programs Kids make a difference Groups of fifth-grade students participating in our on-site Zoo School program each get to learn about, grow and care for their own mangroves. These students also make oyster mats as part of a special “Oyster All-Stars” program. Volunteer What’s next? The Zoo and our partners are creating resilient and beneficial “living shorelines” across Brevard County by combining restoration efforts for mangroves, oysters and other ecosystem staples like spartina grass that naturally occur together in shoreline communities.