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Positioning Statement
Voice & Tone
Maine ’ s Kennebec Valley : Brand Standards Guide

Positioning Statement

Visitors are invited to EXPLORE Maine ’ s Kennebec Valley and make a plan to go their own way in the process .
Maine ’ s Kennebec Valley boasts a mix of rural and small urban landscapes providing diverse outdoor recreational , cultural , and culinary opportunities . The region may offer a more simplified way of life , but it also offers modern amenities and experiences . These include the State Capital at Augusta , Waterville , Skowhegan , the vast , remote area of the North Woods , Old Canada National Scenic Byway , miles of trails for hiking , biking , ATV and snowmobile riding , home to the best whitewater rafting on the East Coast , community and regional festivals , and many local culinary , retail , historical , and cultural experiences . They all combine to allow visitors of all ages and interests to explore in a way that fits their own travel wants and needs .
Every touch-point with potential visitors should provide inspiration to visitation through friendly yet compelling copy , visually stunning imagery , with equal balance given to landscape and lifestyle . The design should be clean , simple , and modern in feel . Avoid rough or rustic design elements to prevent the region from being perceived as backward or unsophisticated . Photography should be professional whenever possible , or if UGC it must be high-quality and resolution .
As equitably as possible , content should promote the region ’ s destinations and attractions , from Litchfield and Gardiner in the southern areas to The Forks and Jackman , more than 1oo miles to the north . Plus , all the cities , towns , and villages in between .

Voice & Tone

How Maine ’ s Kennebec Valley interacts and engages with potential visitors is equally as important as the specific information that is communicated .
The Voice should be authentic and constant across all communication channels . It conveys the brand ’ s distinct personality . This is the EXPLORER TM . The Explorer is not male or female . They are an outdoor adventure at one moment and a culture seeker at the next . They reflect Balanced Achiever and Genuine Original target audiences identified by MOT , but understand and can relate to the Obligated Traditionalist ( in their seventies ) or Millennial visitor ( in their late twenties to thirties ).
The Tone is dynamic and can adapt to different situations . It should feel informal , confident , friendly , and optimistic , using standard casual or regional expressions , but not slang or marketing jargon . When communicating via various social media platforms , one should use a more conversational and familiar tone .
Content should tell a story , invoke emotion , and inform . It should be easy for anyone to read with minimal effort yet not dumbed-down . Readability score should fall between 50 to 70 , which spans a high-school and some college reading levels .