Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2019 Brand Protection Strategy Summit Agenda | Page 9

SEPT 25 wednesday City of San Antonio Police Department (table 1) · Jeffrey Walker, Homeland Security Investigations Task Force Officer, Intellectual Property Crimes Investigations · Paul Castillon, Homeland Security Investigations Task Force Sergeant, Intellectual Property Crimes Investigations Cook County State’s Attorney Office (table 9) · Jack Costello, Assistant State’s Attorney Department of Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (table 8) · Jason Gull, Senior Trial Attorney Department of State, Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement (table 10) · Joe Giblin, Economic Officer Federal Bureau of Investigation, Intellectual Property Rights Unit (table 12) · Jennifer French, Special Agent in Counterintelligence Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internet Crime Complaint Center (table 5) · Donna Gregory, Unit Chief Homeland Security Investigation, Global Trade Task Force-Detroit (table 14) · Darryl Pugh, Supervisory Special Agent · Lorin Allain, Special Agent Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (table 13) · Bill Ross, Senior Advisor to the Director International Trademark Association (table 3) · Sheila Francis, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Economic Research Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office (table 7) · Sasha Lazarevich, Deputy City Attorney North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State (table 6) · Donya Strong, Intellectual Property Prosecutor U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Global Innovation Policy Center (table 2) · Kasie Brill, Senior Director of Brand Protection U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Trade (table 4) · Alex Bamiagis, Attorney-Advisor U.S. Patent and Trade Office, Policy and International Affairs Office (table 15) · Charisma Hampton, Attorney-Advisor U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy (table 11) · Zvi Rosen, Assistant Chief Counsel 11:00 A – 11:15 P B REAK 11:15 A – 12:15 P S TRATEGY S ESSIONS Terrace & Beaumont Room Wrap up the conference with our summit strategy sessions, designed to provide opportunity to further discuss hot topics and come up with some concrete best practices for take-aways. Strategy sessions are moderated conversations and meant for all attendees to participate. Strategy session recommendations are published in the Summit proceedings. • Communicating Up to the C-Suite, Great Lakes Room • Evidence Toolkit: What Law Enforcement Needs, Capital Room • Regulation & Enforcement Best Practices, Board Room • Illicit Trade, Beaumont Room • Online E-commerce and Social Media Strategies, University Ballroom A • Small-Medium Enterprises Anti-Counterfeit Strategies, Red Cedar Room 12:15 P – 12:30 P Closing Remarks University Ballrooms A-D 6