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KE Ahmet H. Kirca is an associate professor of international business and marketing at Michigan State University. Currently, he is serving as the marketing doctoral program director and holds a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Prior to joining MSU in 2006, he worked at the George Washington University, Washington, DC. His research focuses on international business and marketing strategy with a special emphasis on firm internationalization, innovation and organizational culture. He has several published or forthcoming articles in top academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of World Business and Journal of Management, among others. He teaches international business, marketing research and marketing strategy courses in various undergraduate and graduate programs at MSU. Dr. Kirca also had extensive managerial experience in textile and tourism industries in Istanbul before joining the academia. A native of Turkey, Kirca fluently speaks English, French, and Italian. He also has working knowledge of Spanish and Japanese. Alex Bamiagis has been an attorney-advisor in the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Branch of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) since December of 2008. During that time, Mr. Bamiagis also served on a temporary detail as a policy advisor for the first U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, in addition to serving a short time as an attorney-advisor in CBP’s privacy branch. In the IPR branch, Mr. Bamiagis works on CBP’s enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, patents, DMCA devices, and exclusion orders issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission. Mr. Bamiagis’s education includes a bachelor’s in molecular biophysics & biochemistry (Yale University), master’s in health policy (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), and a juris doctor from the George Mason University School of Law. Currently, Mr. Bamiagis is an active member in good standing with the Virginia State Bar. Anastasia Kononova is an assistant professor of advertising at Michigan State University. Media multitasking is an overarching focus of Kononova's interdisciplinary and international research that lies in the intersection of three areas: media and technology use across different cultures and social groups; psychological responses to media devices and persuasive messages; and advertising and digital literacy. Kononova's primary research interest is related to exploring media multitasking behavior, i.e. using/being exposed to multiple media at the same time. Studying media multitasking patterns reflects idiosyncrasies and commonalities of media use across markets. Such knowledge helps enhance international communication, especially with regard to using multiple platforms to convey messages effectively. Kononova has studied media multitasking not only in a cross-cultural setting but also across the lifespan, focusing on media use behaviors of older adults. A large body of Kononova's media multitasking research is devoted to exploring the effects of this behavior on cognition, emotion, rationalization, and resistance to persuasion. Kononova has found that switching between online tasks and using multiple screen devices at the same time negatively affect memory for mediated content, elicit less skeptical responses to persuasive messages (e.g., health and advertising messages), and hinder rational choices (e.g., choice of healthful snacks). In a related area of research, Kononova has explored how individuals cognitively and affectively respond to advertising messages placed in congruent and incongruent online contexts. In a recent project, Kononova focused on the use of health mobile applications (apps) and privacy concerns associated with sharing personal information via smartphones, exploring credibility judgments that individuals made of sponsored health mobile apps. Kononova's work appeared in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals, such as Computers in Human Behavior, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, International Journal of Communication, Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Medical Internet Research: mHealth and uHealth, and others. Before joining the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Michigan State University, Kononova worked as an assistant professor of communication and media at the American University of Kuwait. She earned a doctoral degree at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism and a master’s degree at Oklahoma State University. Before graduate school, Kononova studied in Rostov State University (Southern Federal University since 2006) in Russia, where she also worked as a corporate communication specialist. Andrew Love is the brand security/global investigations manager at Specialized. He created the Specialized Brand Security Department in 2008 and currently leads a 14-member team patrolling in 7 languages. In this position, he has seized over 2 million dollars from counterfeiter’s finances, is active daily on 85 e-commerce websites and social media and his team averages 60 takedowns per day, $49 million USD value annually. Andrew has been a guest speaker or presenter at Europol, IACC, Consero, IQPC anti-counterfeit forums, DHS international law enforcement trainings in Mexico and Colombia, guest faculty at the National Advocacy Center DOJ training facility, and has been a regular A View From the Field columnist in The Brand Protection Professional produced by the Michigan State University's A-CAPP Center. He's been recognized in the media as “the cycling industry’s leading anticounterfeit crusader” (The New York Times), “The cycling industry’s foremost counterfeit investigator” (Bicycling Magazine), “a shining example” (Velo Magazine), “hunched over his laptop computer, Andrew Love leads a team of 14 at Specialized who monitor 85 e-commerce websites around the world” (NPR), and "Andrew Love is the industry’s Dog the Bounty Hunter" (Bicycle Retailer and Industry News). 7