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DA 2:00 P - 2:45 P C ASE S TUDIES ( CONT .) Sizing the Illicit Trade Problem for Johnson & Johnson EN SEPT 24 tuesday Terrace & Beaumont Room J&J’s Global Brand Protection (GBP) team will describe its model for more accurately sizing their illicit trade problem—one that provides actionable intelligence and brings greater certainty and clarity to our business decision makers, including their Illicit Trade Risk Management Tool (ITRM), which provides country-level risk assessments and estimates of sales loss due to illicit trade in the 180 countries where J&J does business. · Kevin Babyak, Senior Manager Data Analytics, Johnson & Johnson · Nasim Arbabzadeh, Data Scientist, Supply Chain and Analytics, Johnson & Johnson Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning to Detect Illegal and Counterfeit Sales of Drugs, Wildlife, and Consumer Goods Capitol Room This case study will provide an overview of how to leverage big data and machine learning to detect illegal sales activity on various social media channels. · Tim Mackey, Director of Global Health Policy Institute, University of California San Diego Exploring the Consumer Behavior Theory and Its Application to Counterfeits Red Cedar Room This case study will explore theories for understanding consumers, their needs, motivations, and goals and how they can be leveraged for attitude and behavioral change towards anti-counterfeiting. · Anastasia Kononova, Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Michigan State University · Pat Huddleston, Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Michigan State University · Saleem Alhabash, Associate Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations & Co-Director Media and Advertising Psychology (MAP) Lab, Michigan State University  Publicity and Brand Protection: A Balancing Act Much Harder Than Riding a Bike Board Room This case study will review Specialized's approach to brand protection and publicity by examining 5 layers of publicity: internal, media inquiries, government, wholesale customers, and general public within a global context. · Andrew Love, Brand Protection/Investigations, Specialized Bicycles Developing Online Data and Market Practices of Illicit Economies Online Great Lakes Room This case study will consider the ways that individuals engage in online illicit markets operating through forums and shops. The nature of online data sources will be discussed, along with methodologies to develop information on participants and infrastructure operators. Examples will be given from vendors actively selling pharmaceuticals and other illicit products on both the open and dark web. · Tom Holt, Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University 2:45 P – 3:15 P B REAK AND S TUDENT P RESENTATIONS Terrace & Beaumont Room Enjoy an extended break to meet the fall A-CAPP Center students. Students will be available at high top tables through out the room for casual discussions on the work they are doing with the Center. · Ashton Gallagher, 2L, Law · Joey Longo, Senior, International Relations and Chinese · Mae Odell, Sophomore, Criminal Justice · Rob Huguley, Junior, Criminal Justice 3:15 P – 4:00 P B REAKOUT P ANELS : N AVIGATING A NTI -C OUNTERFEITING AND B RAND P ROTECTION C OMPLEXITIES Choose a panel session to explore some of the complexities of brand protection either by balancing with industry regulation; working as or with small and medium enterprises; or understanding the overlap with other forms of illicit trade. 3