Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2019 Brand Protection Strategy Summit Agenda | Page 4

DA SEPT 24 tuesday 7:30 A – 9:00 A B REAKFAST & E XHIBITS 9:00 A – 9:05 A W ELCOME 9:05 A – 9:20 A O PENING R EMARKS Terrace & Beaumont Room University Ballrooms A-D University Ballrooms A-D · Steve Francis, Director, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center Q & A S ESSION University Ballrooms A-D · Jason Kosofsky, Senior Global Brand Protection Investigator, Ford Motor Company · Steve Francis, Director, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center 9:20 A – 10:00 A P ANEL : U SING R ISK A SSESSMENTS TO G AIN I NSIGHT INTO L ARGER B RAND P ROTECTION AND O RGANIZATIONAL N EEDS University Ballrooms A-D This panel will explore how risk assessments for counterfeit products can be used to drive internal dialogue about larger brand protection and organizational needs, particularly as it relates to approaching counterfeiting in a holistic and enterprise-wide fashion. The panel will also discuss how risk assessments can help to identify and address silos and barriers between departments, as well as issues affecting communication within the company and across disciplines, markets and brands. This session will be based on practitioner experience and current and prior A-CAPP Center research on the topic of counterfeiting risk assessments. Moderator · Jeff Rojek, Director, A-CAPP Center and Associate Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University Panelist · Jay Kennedy, Assistant Professor, A-CAPP Center & School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University · Kevin Weaver, Senior Director, Brand Protection Technology & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson · Jim Simmons, Director, Brand Protection, Qualcomm 10:00 A – 10:30 A B REAK AND A-CAPP C ENTER S TUDENT P RESENTATIONS Terrace & Beaumont Room Enjoy an extended break to meet the fall A-CAPP Center students. Students will be available at high top tables through out the room for casual discussions on the work they are doing with the Center. · Kaylee Kern, Junior, School of Criminal Justice and Accounting · Mike Barger, Senior, Pre Law and Economics · Minelli Manoukian, 3L, JD expected 2020 · Shanko Bhatterjee, Senior, Marketing 10:30 A – 11:15 A S PARK T ABLES : A CADEMIC S HOWCASE University Ballrooms A-D A-CAPP Center scholarly partners from a variety of disciplines will be available to introduce their research ideas relevant to anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, solicit feedback from attendees and discuss areas of new research. Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection, Michigan State University · Jeff Rojek, Director (table 13) · Jay Kennedy, Assistant Professor (table 16) · Kari Kammel, Assistant Director of Education and Outreach (table 4) Anesthesiology & Global Public Health, University California San Diego · Tim Mackey, Associate Professor (table 11) Business, Michigan State University · Ahmet Kirca, Associate Professor, International Business and Marketing (table 6) · Jade Sims, Trade Specialist, International Business Center (table 12) Center for Law & Human Behavior, University of Texas El Paso · Vic Manjarrez, Associate Director (table 10) 1 Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University · Anastasia Kononova, Assistant Professor of Advertising (table 8) · Pat Huddleston, Professor of Retailing (table 9) · Saleem Alhabash, Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Social Media (table 7)