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SKILLED MATERIAL® FIGURE ONE TITE VALUES IMPROVE YOUR CNC SWISS ® OPERATIONS WITH SKILLED MATERIAL IT’S IN the news almost every day: record low unemployment figures not seen in nearly twenty years. Worker shortages threaten to hold back the growth potential in service industries, retail, and even in manufacturing. For decades it has seemed that manufacturing careers have been subtly discouraged in the public education system. There is evidence that even parents of high-school-age students discourage the pursuit of a career in manufacturing. They remember only too well how their parents found themselves on the outside looking in during the decline of American manufacturing in the 1980s and ’90s. The problem is particularly acute for manufacturing firms that require highly skilled employees. Companies that utilize CNC Precision Swiss Machining technology are a great example of firms that often cannot find enough skilled machinists to operate the equipment they have, let alone hire additional skilled machinists to operate machines they would like to invest in to grow their businesses. Those of us in the manufacturing world today know that a career in manufacturing isn’t at all like your grandfather’s factory job. New technology, lean manufacturing principles, and continuous improvement techniques have transformed US manufacturing into the globally competitive environment we live in today. Unfortunately, until the word gets out to young people about what a promising career in manufacturing really can be, it seems we will struggle to attract sufficient numbers of new, skilled workers to the Precision Machining world. Despite this very real skilled machinist shortage problem, there is a solution that can help today. Not enough skilled machinists to operate your CNC Swiss machines? Skilled Material by Boston Centerless offers a way to get greater productivity out of your skilled machinists and the CNC Swiss machines they operate. To enable a one-time machine set up without the need for constant monitoring and adjustment, your machining bar must have exceptionally good roundness, consistent diameter tolerance, and outstanding straightness. With these attributes in your raw materials, one skilled operator can easily supervise the operation of multiple machines with the confidence that the high quality feedstock will yield very high quality parts that are within tolerance and at or below cost estimates. For many years, Boston Centerless has supplied a customer with millions of feet of stainless steel machining bar that held roundness to 0.000040” and diameter tolerances to a total of 0.0002”. This contract manufacturer was able to operate ninety-six CNC Swiss screw machines while running this job with just four skilled machinists. Running “lights out” was more than an operational objective for this company—it was a reality. So if you are concerned about the availability of skilled labor to power your precision machining operations and support your growth strategy, consider using AccuRod by Boston Centerless, the Skilled Material that enables you to get the most out of the talent you already have on your shop floor. 12 David Smith David Smith is the Vice President Business Development at Boston Centerless. David has over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing and general management in the specialty metals industry. Prior to working at Boston Centerless, David had a 30 year career with the Carpenter Technology Corporation. He held senior level positions in sales, marketing and operations management at Carpenter and with the Carpenter titanium subsidiary, Dynamet Incorporated. David holds a BA degree from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana.   