Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 38

6 . Farewell 3:35 - BOOM ! There it is hard core ROCK and ROLL right out of the box . The music is tight , heavy , and blistering in parts before suddenly , albeit briefly changing into a melodic softer groove . Good God , that guitar is wicked , but without the help of the simply menacing bottom and relentless pounding of the drums , the effect would not be nearly as profound . Then we come to Romy ’ s vocals . God , I love women who can sing like this . She goes from seductive temptress to raging banshee who could easily rip your heart out - literally all in the time it takes to sing one line . Her voice is spectacular , and the emotion is on display ! I am truly impressed .
7 . Bubble Up 3:12 - I love a funky bass . Man , the bass and drums are locked in . This song is the epitome of a funk , R & B groove . Romy ’ s vocals sound great as always , but for me personally , the stars of this track have to be the rhythm section . Tell me these guys are not having a blast , of course they are . I love it when you can tell musicians are grooving for themselves . Hat ’ s off to the Axe man for stepping back and taking a supportive role on this track . This folks , is what makes a great band . They all share the same vision and spread around the chance to shine - they are all playing on the same team . Well done !
8 . Tonight 3:31 - Man , this band just does not stop . I really have to wonder how long it took them to write all of these songs . So far , track eight included , every single one of these songs has been a monster . The only way to describe this track is a group of very tight , very loud , extremely versatile players making the kind of noise I can ’ t get enough of . When you add in the vocal magic laid down by Romy , I am , well , amazed into silence .
9 . C ' est Le Coeur 3:23 - Two years of French don ’ t fail me now ; I am going to hazard a guess that this song is called something similar to “ It is the heart ”. I bet it sounds much cooler in French . What I do know is what they are doing musically . They are putting down some heavy rock with a fantastic groove . It strikes me that this band is really brilliant . Almost all of the tracks have sections that appeal to the dance crowd , while at the same time being heavy and gritty enough to bring the hard core rockers on board . Romy ’ s vocals are the icing on the cake . How could anyone listen to that voice and not be mesmerized . I have to say , despite the fact that I do not understand the words I actually prefer it when she sings in French . Make no mistake she sounds great in English , but in French the vocals seem to have just a tad more power or perhaps soul . In any case whether it be in English or French , the woman can sing - well .