Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 37

2. The Child I Love 3:22 - The melodic metal vibe continues with this track. It is becoming obvious that Romy is, indeed, European. It seems to me, anyway, that European metal, which is different from the Blues based hard rock of the 1970s, is not so much Blues based as it is influenced by classical music. It seems that music education in Europe may be a bit more technical and theoretical than the way most players in the US learn. This makes sense if you think about it. Tell that if Mozart were alive today he wouldn’t be playing a Les Paul and playing it loudly. Again, I am impressed by both the skill of the musicians as well as Romy’s voice. 3. Aiaio 3:20 - Firstly, this is an interesting song title. The two years of French I took at university were pretty much useless. So, I went to Google Translate which told me the French word Aiaio in English is...wait for it...Aiaio. Hmmmm. Whatever the phrase means, if any- thing at all, this song is killer! I DIG the heavy funk groove backed with wicked guitars. The bass rules this song. The synth adds to the funk and the old-school horns have the Motown vibe down! I have not been this impressed since I heard Paul Young’s cover of I Wanna Tear Your Playhouse Down. I am seriously reminded of Prince, who, in my opinion was one of the great- est musicians to have ever lived. This song is a massive groove that makes the listener want to move! As on the first two tracks, Romy sounds fantastic. I am becoming a fan. 4. L'amour Triomphe 3:51- Well, I know this song is something about Love being triumphant, but that is about all I can tell you about the title. Good God this band rocks. The guitars are heavy,yet there is a soulful groove. The synthe- sizer actually makes me grin, the music is heavy, but the synth fits so well. Romy’s vocals are nothing short of stunning. Believe it or not, I hear a strong Blue Öyster Cult vibe here. They are the only other HARD rocking band I know that made great use of a synthesizer. 5. V for Victory 3:13 - Oh YEAH! This band has a little Blues in them after all. Granted the pro- gression is predictable and the changes are familiar to anyone who has grown up listening to Classic Rock, but this band does it with such style! The keyboards are a nice touch that I did not really expect as they are not the usual Boogie Woogie runs. There is no doubt this band has added their own signature to a style of music that has been blowing minds for generations. I would love to see this song live and watch the guitar open up. I have a feeling the guitarist in this band could give Edward Van Halen a run for his money.