Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 34

Track 1 – THESE ARE OUR DAYS – 4:22 – The first thing that the listener notices is that Christine has a beautiful voice. The piano is melancholy and will bring out the sensitive side in the most hard-core biker. How can one not enjoy beautifully played music while Christine sings her own very melodic take on the old “I’ve got to ramble theme” The main difference, of course is she seems perfectly happy to ramble with Jeremy. There is not the bittersweet despair of Bobby McGee in this track. I should mention that towards the end of the track at the 3:07 mark the rest of the band comes in and really fills out the song. Overall, this is a beautiful, moving ballad. Track 2 – TOMORROW IS A BRAND NEW DAY – 3:59 – Personally, this track is a little more to my taste. I like the rhythm their drummer is laying down and the guitar sounds good. There is no doubt that Christine has a strong voice and the spot light is on her, However, it is the drummer I am really listening to. Man, you really put in some very nice crisp fills! I salute you. This song has an abundance of energy and could easily be a cross-over hit on the Pop charts. If these two songs are any indication of the quality of music on Studeo’s upcoming album, we, the listeners are in for a treat.-The Grouch | in the Rockies Artist Page: