Bongo Boy Magazine Spring 2018 | Page 33

Bongo Boy Records Releases Australian Award-Winning Duo’s Singles Worldwide A Solid Prelude of What Is Coming by Studeo This Summer Music Review by The Grouch Hej America! Today my friends at Bongo Boy asked me to give a listen to and share my thoughts about two singles by the Australian Contemporary/Modern Country band Studio. Studeo is a duo made up of Christine Stork and Jeremy Stork. Firstly, I have heard Studio’s music before and I liked it. Secondly, I like to see a Country band come out of somewhere besides Nashville. Nothing against Nashville, my brother lived there for years, but when one genre of music is dominated by big labels that happen to be concentrated in one place, there is a tendency, not an absolute, but a tendency for the music to begin to sound the same. Just as some of the best Bluegrass pickers I have ever heard were in central Sweden I am excited to listen to some Country from the land of Oz. Fresh blood and a new perspective based on different live experiences is exactly what take the music to a new place.