BMTA Newsletter BMTA Newsletter - Summer 2020 | Page 2 CONTENTS Page 2 – Editor's Note Page 3 – Meet our Newsletter Contributors Page 4 – News Page 9 – World Accreditation Day By Paul Greenwood – UKAS Operations Director Page 10 – BSI and PPE in the Fight Against COVID-19 by Nathan Shipley PPE Group Certification Manager, BSI Page 12 – Protecting the Food Chain During a Global Pandemic by Jim Moseley – CEO Red Tractor Page 14 – The Future of Assessment by Jeff Ruddle, Strategic Development Director, UKAS Page 16 – Identifying Microplastic and Nanoplastic Pollutants in the Environment by Elinor Hughes, technical copywriter at Markes International, Gwaun Elai Medi-Science Campus, Llantrisant, UK. Page 20 – CE Certification Checklist Page 23 – Member Notices EDITOR'S NOTE Welcome readers to the Summer issue of the BMTA Newsletter Once again contributions to the newsletter have been influenced by Covid-19, and we have articles in this issue that focus on the future of remote assessment, PPE and forged or fake certifications. We also take a look at World Accreditation Day - food safety, which promotes the value of accreditation, accredited conformity assessment and standards. In addition, we investigate how to identify microplastic and nanoplastic pollutants in our environment. Both accumulate and persist in the environment. Scientists have found them in soil, water and the air, and studies show they have been found in food. As a result, concern over their effect on human health is growing. The theme of our Autumn 2020 issue is: BMTA - the Voice of Measurement and Testing BMTA was created in 1990 in response to the need for an independent ‘lobby’ for the private sector to speak with one voice to Government, UKAS, BSI and other official bodies on issues affecting the whole measurement, testing and calibration community. We encourage you to make your views known in the standards making process, though your contribution to newsletters, participation in Association activities and membership of relevant BMTA and Standards Making committees. Industry 4.0 and its impact on the Measurement, Testing and Calibration process - (AR, AI, VR etc) To help us provide our BMTA members with useful information we would like your help to: identify and share relevant topics; provide research on new technologies or techniques; let us know industry news; promote events and training sessions; inform us of publications you think may be of interest to your fellow BMTA members. If you would like to contribute to the next issue of the BMTA Newsletter please contact [email protected] with a brief synopsis. Equally, should your business produce any information, white papers or interviews that you would like to share, please submit this to [email protected]. To subscribe visit: