Blue Umbrella Official November 2016 issue | Page 3

ENTERTAINMENT A NEW KIND OF RAP By Sam V. A giant has recently appeared in the rap music realm, and his name is NF. He is a Michigan-born 25 year-old Christian rapper. A troubled past and powerful redemptive story has crafted this man into what he is today. With critics and fans alike calling him one of the most passionate rappers to date, he is rapidly creating a large fan base. His music is something of a different breed. He writes from the deepest parts of his heart and soul, pouring out his deepest and darkest struggles onto paper. His goal is to use his story as an encouragement to others. In an interview, NF remarks, ?People relate to you when you are being honest and open. Everyone struggles with something. I think it just opens up people?. His mantra, Real Music, is his challenge to himself and others to be real with not only themselves, but more importantly, the people they come across with. He has two albums under his belt thus far. Mansion came in 2015, and is NF?s story of being abused and neglected. He also talks about his redemption and how God helps him deal with his struggles. Therapy Session came in spring of 2016. The album is a From left to right: Christian rapper NF with AOA student Sam V. collection of stories from not only NF?s life, but from fans as well. He talks about relationship issues, drug abuse, and struggles with identity throughout the Session. A new EP song, Warm Up, released in October of 2016, hints at a possible third album coming in 2017. NF addresses many rocky topics in his music, but always reminds people of God and His plan and influence in their lives. While he is already becoming a musical giant, NF is just getting started. 3 Alpha Omega St udent Newslet t er