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Alph a Om ega St u den t New slet t er Oct ober / Novem ber 2016 ELECTION DAY 2016 Result s and Q&A wit h Hist ory Teacher Mrs. Eben by Rasai T. On November 8th, 2016, America chose their 45th President: Republican Donald Trump. Trump won with 279 electoral votes, beating Democrat Hillary Clinton who received 228 electoral votes. While the nation was deciding who would be the next President of the United States, students at Alpha Omega Academy were having their own ?election?. In a mock election created by History teacher Jessie Eben, students got the chance to ?vote? for who they?d choose for President. Mirroring real life, Republican Donald Trump won the mock election. Trump received 75% of votes among AOA students. Enjoy a short interview with Mrs. Eben about the mock elections: Q: Was it your or iginal idea to have an AOA mock election or did you dr aw the inspir ation from another source? M r s. Eben: I actually did a Mock Election for the last presidential election as well. (Mitt Romney won in a landslide, if you are wondering) I was looking for ways to help students understand the Electoral College better because I was hearing a lot of complaints about why we even have it in the US. So, I thought- what better way to understand it than to make our own? Q: Do you think having mock elections helps to encour age an interest in politics among AOA students? M r s. Eben: I hope so. There has been a huge amount of participation, so that has been awesome for me to see! I also believe that the actual election has its own draw though, with how passionate people are one way or the other in this particular race. Q: What do you think is the best par t about the AOA mock elections (e.g. student response, finding out the " winner " , the gener al exper ience etc.)? M r s. Eben: The best part, I think, is the sense of community it creates. I think it is awesome that (so far) we have at least one student from every single state in the United States except 1 that has responded to the survey. Think about that! We may be all over the nation- and all over the world- but we can still come together as a school to do events like this- and learn a little about our political process at the same time. 2 Alpha Omega St udent Newslet t er