Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 21

Mrs. Smith lives in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. She has been with the Blue Umbrella since its founding in the spring of 2015 and has seen it grow from a student newsletter to the online magazine that it is today. She serves as the group?s faculty advisor, teacher of all things journalism, and carries the role as the managing editor. Mrs. Smith?s favorite hobbies include swimming, sailing, gardening, traveling and reading. Sabrina L. lives in Kansas and is a senior here at AOA. She has been a part of the Blue Umbrella for about 4 years now, and has gone from a photographer and artist to a writer. Her favorite hobbies include reading her Bible, dancing, and drawing. Monica A. lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and is in the 11th grade. She has been a part of the Blue Umbrella since 2017 and is a writer and editor. Her hobbies include reading and writing. Ashley H. lives in Scipio, Utah. She is in 7th grade and is new to the Blue Umbrella. She is currently a writer. Her favorite hobby is sewing. Erica L. lives in Kansas and is a sophomore at AOA. This is her second year in the Blue Umbrella, and she enjoys her position as being a writer. Her favorite hobbies include dancing, singing, writing, and reading. William M. lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Not only is he a senior here at AOA, but he is also enrolled in 2 AP classes and Calculus outside of the academy. He has been a part of the Blue Umbrella for a year and a half and enjoys his role as being a writer and interviewer. His favorite hobby is playing basketball, and he also enjoys walking, running, and many other exercises. Staff meetings are usually on Wednesdays from 11 to noon Central time. Students interested in being on the staff are always invited to join any general staff meeting or contact Mrs. Smith at 800-682-7396 ext. 6268 or by email at [email protected]. 21