Blue Umbrella Official Blue Umbrella Winter 2018 Issue | Page 14

By: Emily S. W hite Christmas Movie Review ?We?ll go with the old man, wherever he wants to go, as long as he goes opposite to the foe.? White Christmas is the heartwarming story of two World War II veterans attempting to remind their retired general that he is not forgotten. After Phil Davis saves Bob Wallace?s life in a surprise attack in World War II, Bob is indebted to Phil, much to Bob?s dismay. Phil uses this advantage to get in on Bob?s fame, and the two begin a successful producing company. Phil begins to wonder if he shouldn?t have pushed Bob into all this work when his career begins to take over Phil?s life. Phil tries to set him up with numerous girls, claiming, ?If you have nine kids, and only spend 5 minutes a day with each of them, that?s 45 minutes all to myself.? When Wallace and Davis meet Betty and Judy Haynes, Phil and Judy are convinced that they have found freedom. Judy is tired of being treated like a little child, and she knows that Betty will never marry until she is married or engaged. 14 Bob and Phil end up in Pine Tree, Vermont, with Betty and Judy. When they arrive at the resort, Bob and Phil are shocked to find their division?s old general, General Waverley, as a landlord. Due to the lack of snow in Vermont, business is bad. Bob decides to attempt to get the show up to Vermont, to try to bring in business. They use the Haynes sisters to fill any spots where the cast couldn?t come. After a misunderstanding, Betty becomes angry at Bob, thinking he?s trying to work an angle. Judy convinces Phil that they need to fake an engagement to try to get Betty and Bob together. After Phil and Judy announce their engagement, Betty leaves Vermont for New York. When Bob learns that the engagement was fake, he goes up to New York to try to bring Betty back. While he?s in New York, he airs on the Ed Harrison Show, sending a plea to the men of the 151 division. He wants to show General Waverley that he was not forgotten when he retired. After Betty sees that Bob was working no angles, she goes back to Vermont and stars in Wallace and Davis? show. The 151 division surprises General Waverley, and snow falls on Vermont.