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It’s important to be part of the

Erasmus+ programme because you meet people of different countries and you receive knowledge of their countries and specific habits of entrepreneurship. So if you decide to start a business in other European countries, the experience will help you to be more familiar and comfortable with what will you do. Also, communication skills are developed with different people in various ways and in various situations.

Moreover, creativity is very important to entrepreneurship, because if your creativity skills are high-level, your business will be different from others’ and it can have huge success. In addition, it could help you to create better team atmosphere. Moreover, it helps us to stand out from other companies.

Entrepreneurs are extremely needed in today’s fast –paced societies, where unemployment rates are rising and highly skilled graduates cannot find a job. Therefore, the solution is to create new opportunities and motivate youngsters to follow their passions, explore their talents, find their competences and take initiatives!

Whatever chosen in life, entrepreneurship skills are needed to become successful and become appreciated in the workplace. It should become a subject taught in school and more exposure must be given to this field.

All in all, these skills will be useful in everybody’s future. Unemployment will only drop down when citizens become aware and explore opportunities to create their own businesses.

Persistence will always be fruitful and people need to remember that failure is the first attempt in learning.