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WHAT DO WE DO? EDUCATE AND INFORM “The Brain Aneurysm Foundation website is an invaluable place for patients and families to learn about brain aneurysms, treatment options, resources, and what to expect .”  rian L. Hoh, MD, member of the B Medical Advisory Board of Directors 4 We provide up-to-date, accurate information about brain aneurysms, treatment options, and recovery to patients and families, healthcare professionals, and the general public. Whatever the question or concern, people throughout the world turn to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation for reliable answers and information. We maintain a large, comprehensive online and print library of educational materials, which was created in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board and hospital partners. This library is continually updated as new information becomes available. Our library includes a wealth of information in a range of formats: fact sheets on all aspects of brain aneurysms, webinars hosted by leading brain aneurysm experts, informative videos, listings of resources, book recommendations, articles, brain aneurysm research papers, and much more. Our popular booklets, “Detection and Treatments” and “Treatment Recovery Guide,” are available in four languages. We also created a DVD, “Life or Death: Early Detection of Brain Aneurysms,” to educate emergency responders and other healthcare professionals. Through our active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, we also educate the general public about brain aneurysms, with the goal of raising awareness of the symptoms and risk factors, and to help generate support for federal policies and funding that will benefit those affected by brain aneurysms. Our recent “#1 in 50” campaign and our ongoing efforts on Capitol Hill to establish September as National Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month are just two examples of the steps we are taking to bring attention to this serious health issue.