Baby Maternity Retailer September 2020 | Page 20

Introducing EZ BREEZY Kids Face Masks As COVID-19 continues to affect everyday life, many schools and camps are in the process of reopening with the proper safety measures in place. The CDC along with many states, is now recommending the use of face masks for children 2 years old up to prevent COVID from spreading further. This is where the team at Jool Baby - a New Jersey award-winning manufacturer of child safety, potty training, and other baby gear - has found a proper solution. We are proud to announce the launch of our latest and hottest item: EZ Breezy kids masks, fashionable disposable masks for children ages 4-12. Kids masks should be fun to wear, and that’s why EZ Breezy masks come in 3 trendy designs. There’s the cute mask for girls, featuring a pink hearts on a pink background, a blue mask with stars for boys, and a unisex soft gray mask with stars. But that’s just the design, what about the actual performance of the masks? That’s where EZ Breezy really stand out. Our masks were specially designed to fit comfortably and are easy to breathe in. How did we achieve that? By thinking through every detail of the mask, how they are used, and through extensive testing. For example, we created 15+ different sizes to test on children in 4-12 age group and picked the sample that achieved a snug and most comfortable fit. EZ Breezy masks come in a resealable color bag containing 10 masks. We are selling out quickly, order today to get priority! FEATURES: • Breathable fabric • Snug fit with Metallic band • Soft material won’t irritate skin • Cute designs for boys and girls FOR MORE INFO: JOOLBABY.COM [email protected] | 732-660-8060 18 |