Baby Maternity Retailer September 2020 | Page 19

Editor’s CHOICE Perry Mackin Perry Mackin is a premium baby company that offers a collection of products derived from high quality raw materials. Innovation is what drives our company to create with a purpose that nurtures necessary motor skills and sensory inputs to foster a healthy developmental path. Perry Mackin continues to be a pioneer in our efforts to provide fashion and function in an environmentally friendly and safe way. VagiKool VagiKool. VagiKool is the first and only discreet and reusable external feminine cold pack specifically contoured and designed to fit the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. VagiKool is a one size fits all cold pack which is nearly invisible during use, similar in size and contour of a small maxi-pad. Using the VagiKool’s Komfort-Fit sleeves, VagiKool provides discreet comfort without the unwanted noticeable bulk of traditional icepacks or bags of frozen peas. The VagiKool reusable feminine cold pack offers women intimate comfort by providing soothing cold therapy. VagiKool is perfect following childbirth or vaginal surgery. VagiKool promotes vulvovaginal well-being and natural healing by promoting a decrease in inflammation, itching and burning sensations. VagiKool is Non-Toxic, Latex Free, is safe to use while nursing, and best of all is Made in the USA. Crane Here at Crane, we put “Design for Better Living” into everything we do. We started with a few designs in 2005 and continued to grow each year, working towards solving your indoor needs. Crane products are designed with efficiency, function and style in mind. We are best known for our drop and adorable humidifiers, but we also make stylish heaters, aroma diffusers, fans, air purifiers, and wellness appliances. Our humidifiers provide soothing relief for babies and are proven to help symptoms such as congestion, dry skin, bloody noses, and sore throats. Our products can also be used for adults, performers, pets, and for any symptoms caused by dry air. We love to be creative with colors, designs and we know our products will bring comfort and smiles to your home! [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 847.290.7401 17 |