Ayres Knowledge Center Using Bike Boxes to Increase Visibility and Safety

USING BIKE BOXES TO MAKE BICYCLISTS VISIBLE AND KEEP THEM SAFE By Tristan Hickman, PE – Traffic Engineer | Ayres Associates Bike boxes are a relatively new on-pavement marking that provide a place in front of the vehicular stop line for bicyclists to queue up at a red light, giving them visibility and first priority in moving through the intersection upon the light turning green. The boxes increase safety by getting bikes through the intersection before vehicular traffic attempts to overtake them. Some bike boxes are set up in straight-through and right-turn lanes only, while others allow bicyclists to queue up in front of the left-turn lane too. And yet another type of bike box – a two-stage left-turn bike box – encourages bicyclists to make a left turn in two steps, proceeding across an intersection in the bike lane near the right curb and then stopping in a bike box on the other side of the intersection, pivoting left a quarter turn, and waiting until the light changes to allow them to proceed across to complete their two-step turning movement. AyresAssociates.com