August Newsletter 2022 | Page 3


THE PEACHTREE INN LIBRARY The Peachtree Inn Library is being renovated to bring new books and requested genres to our residents ! Several staff took the opportunity to clean out the space to make room for the new titles . Our residents have lent their thoughts on some titles and authors they would like to see line our shelves . The library , just like any other library , is a quiet place to read or “ borrow ” a book to take back to your apartment . It is located on the third floor of the Peachtree Inn .
Janis Kell took the opportunity to organize a series of “ Fireside ” chats that began this month . Frank Dawson was the first to speak , with more authors lined up for future chats . Residents from the Peachtree Inn and Pepperberry Suites gathered for the session as Mr . Dawson took a walk down memory lane with some notable events that took place in the East Liverpool / Chester areas such as remembering the death mask of Pretty Boy Floyd .
The Pepperberry Suites residents painted beautiful tiny birdhouses to sprinkle about The Orchards campus ! The bright colored houses are sure to make good homes !
Many who grew up in this area know the Dawson family for being wonderful pillars in the community , as well as running the Dawson Funeral Home . You may not know that Frank Dawson is an author to several books encompassing our area . A few titles he has written are “ Picking Elderberries-A Small Town Story ”, “ We Are The Potters ”, and “ Blue And White Forever-Spanning Three Centuries of East Liverpool High School Football ”, to which he donated to our library ! We look forward to future chats !