August Newsletter 2021 | Page 3


BRINGING FUN BACK TO EXERCISE Activities and therapy have joined together for “ Joints in Motion ” and “ Balance for Seniors ”. These programs are offered weekly and designed to bring fun back to exercise . Residents work on moving , bending , and standing with a variety of games and activities . So far , residents have had a blast doing chair yoga , balloon volleyball , giant Yahtzee , kickball , and basketball .
Florence prepared for the 4th of July with her patriotic lantern made during Arts & Crafts group !
When you visit the Stone Pear Pavilion , you will find Sharon who always has a smile on her face .
She brings a light and a reflecting smile to all who cross her path .
Thank you Sharon for your beautiful smile !
Penny and Linda celebrated their July birthdays with a delicious patriotic themed cake . Happy birthday ladies !