August 5, 2022

AUGUST 5 , 2022 Editor | Dr . Shelton Smith Vol . LXXXVIII , No . 15

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The Soul Winner ’ s Heart


Heaven and Happiness


The Last Days ’ War Within the Churches

DR . ANDY BLOOM Pastor , Central Baptist Church , Ocala , Florida
“ Beloved , believe not every spirit , but try the spirits whether they are of God : because many false prophets are gone out into the world .”— I John 4:1 .
The Devil will use philosophy with the Scriptures in order to wrest the Scriptures — that is , to twist them and snatch them from the understanding of your inner man .
His purpose is to deceive and warp your faith because he wants to render each saved person in - effective for Christ , as well as to bring disgrace to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ .
Satan , “ the prince of the power of the air ” ( Eph . 2:2 ), seeks to engrain in our thoughts the culture he rules . His desire is to get that imbedded in all aspects of our Christian life so it will make us “ religious ” but unholy in God ’ s sight and unholy in our service for the Lord .
In the temptations of Jesus Christ in the wilderness , Satan tried to get Him to do that which was fleshly . However , Jesus Christ turned it around on him by using the Scripture to make it about His honor , His holiness , His purity and His righteousness .
The Influence of False Spirits
Mark it down that the Holy Spirit makes the Scriptures the final authority . False spirits say the final

Biden ’ s Executive Order Takes Aim at Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on [ July 8 ] to “ expand access to abortion care , including medication abortion .” The executive action signaled the president plans to take aim at pro-life pregnancy resource centers and offer free legal protection to the abortion industry .
The federal government will now officially “ promote access to critical reproductive healthcare services , including abortion ,” the order states . “ Doing so is essential to justice , equality and our health , safety and progress as a [ n ] ation .”…
Under the executive order :
1 . The Biden administration will attempt to recruit lawyers who will sue pro-life states .…
2 . The federal government may take action against pro-life pregnancy resource centers for fraud .…
3 . The federal government will protect abortion facilities from prolife advocates .…
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Saved ! Saved ! Saved !

Give me a good choir or a large audience and let ’ s hear them sing Jack Scholfield ’ s hymn entitled “ Saved , Saved .”
I ’ ve found a Friend , who is all to me . His love is ever true . I love to tell how He lifted me And what His grace can do for you .
Chorus Saved by His pow ’ r divine , Saved to new life sublime ! Life now is sweet and my joy is complete , For I ’ m saved , saved , saved !
He saves me from every sin and harm , Secures my soul each day ; I ’ m leaning strong on His mighty arm ; I know He ’ ll guide me all the way .
When poor and needy and all alone ,
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The Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

There are at least ten separate special blessings that result from the function of the Holy Spirit in His relation to believers .
1 . The Holy Spirit Convicts Us of Sin
“ Nevertheless I tell you the truth ; It is expedient for you that I go away : for if I go not away , the Comforter will not come unto you ; but if I depart , I will send him unto you .
“ And when he is come , he will reprove the world of sin , and of
Breakdown of the Family
“ Ah sinful nation , a people laden with iniquity , a seed of evildoers , children that are corrupters : they have forsaken the LORD , they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger , they are gone away back - ward .”— Isa . 1:4 .
America has suffered a severe spiritual relapse with the disin - tegration of the family . Isaiah cried out in desperation , “ Ah sinful nation ”— sinful because they had chosen their own way rather than that of Jehovah . The sins of the parents as well as the children brought about their downfall .
As goes the home , so goes the nation . The breakdown of the family is a symptom of a dying nation .
The home is the foundation of a nation . It has been described as the oldest institution in the world . “ The home is the one divine insti - tution which antedates the Fall . It was constituted in the Garden of Eden when the sun each day looked down upon a sinless world . It is the righteousness , and of judgment .”— John 16:7 , 8 .
2 . The Holy Spirit Regenerates Us
“ Not by works of righteousness which we have done , but according to his mercy he saved us , by the washing of regeneration , and renewing of the Holy Ghost ;
“ Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour ;
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What Happens If the Family DISAPPEARS ?

DR . AUSTIN SORENSON most important of all institutions .”
Today the American family faces obsolescence . The cornerstone of American society is being threat - ened . The marriage scene in our generation has been described as chaotic .
Ancient Homer declared that the Grecian ladies counted their age from their marriage , not from birth . Oscar Wilde commented , “ The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happy married life .”
Modern attitudes toward mar - riage and family range all the way from the profoundly spiritual to the disgustingly carnal . The steady shift toward the carnal extreme began soon after World War II and has accelerated at an alarming pace .
Never before in our history have we had more emphasis on the home through seminars , confer - ences , films , tapes , etc .; but the American home continues to disintegrate .
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