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Jim Robell , President & CEO at Fortior
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three individuals listed in the FBI s Known or Appropriate- ly Suspected Terrorist file were accurately identified .

For nearly 20 years we have provided best-in-class identity management and access control solutions to our government and critical infrastruc- ture customers ,” stated Jim Robell , President & CEO .

Our company believes deep- ly in the mission , shared by every nominee , to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Homeland Securi- ty .”

Fortior Solutions is a na- tionally recognized leader in high-assurance identity man- agement solutions , helping

Jim Robell , President & CEO at Fortior

security-conscious organiza- tions reduce risk by quickly identifying who they can trust .

The company is also the larg- est commercial provider of recognized vendor credentials to the U . S . Department of De- fense .

To Learn More , please visit for- tiorsolutions . com .