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15 Soren - Head Chef CopenHAGeN O riginally from Denmark, I have spent a lot of my culinary career in both Europe and the USA working my way from apprentice to restaurant owner. Cooking and Aviation has been my lifelong passion and what better way to celebrate this by cooking great tasting foods that can be enjoyed at 40,000ft. As a Nordic chef I have a lot of unique demands for local produce which is among the best quality worldwide and in all cases the foods I prepare for you will only contain the very best and freshest local ingredients. As head Chef I’m in charge of our menu, quality control and training of staff. Both myself and our small team are very aware of the unique and high demands that aviation cater- ing brings. We always prepare food with logistical space in mind, it’s so impor- tant that we cater to your Aircraft type and unique specifications. Best Regards Soren Fredrik- HEAD CHEF STOCKHOLM I come from Sweden and I am a trained chef in both hot and cold cuisine. I have worked in the airport industry for 18 years. I have worked with everything you can imagine in aircraft catering. Everything from the kitchen to the actual loading of the plane. I have been responsible for the VIP catering and menu presentations to clients for many years. I have learned what works and what does not work in the air. How to prepare the ingredients to be the best quality even in an aircraft many miles up in the air. My interest in food came at an early age, as I always wanted to help with the preparing of food at home. Swedish home cooking (Husman- skost) is dear to my heart, I love preserving traditions. I have also spent a lot of time in Latin America, which grew my taste buds for new spices and experi- ences. I have always loved a challenge or a new dish to explore. Exciting new recipes are always fun to try. So give me a challenge and I will fix it! Best Regards Fredrik To order see Last pAGE for contact details