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14 Pilots & Cabin Crew e know just how to look after you! Feeding the crew is just as important as the passen- gers and we always go that extra length to ensure that the crew have good quality foods which often look just like VIP quality. Our chefs always try to impress the crews because they are often the best critiques and provide feedback and reports when they foods are good. W We can provide crew with any of the passenger type foods listed in this menu (at reduced price) Sandwiches, Pasta Dishes, Sub’s, Cakes, Chocolates, Hot Meals, Wraps and Fruits are very popular. Your imagination is the limit. Crew Food rew food and passenger food is made in accordance with local Danish & Swed- ish hygiene regulations. We transport all foods in a temperature controlled environment to ensure a quality and safe product. C Certain foods are not provided such as fish and egg for crew. When flight crew order the same meal we always provide variation in the main meal segment. Low fat, Low Carb or energy meals can be provid- ed, just let us know your preferences. Some Crew Ideas! 1. Crew Breakfast Box - Including a continental breakfast spread with fresh orange juice 2. Crew Lunch Box - Including lunch of the day (pasta or sandwiches) chicken salad, bread & butter, desert and a chocolate or snack bar 3. Crew Meal Box - Including dish of the day (ei- ther hot or cold meal) small Caesar salad, bread & butter, desert and a chocolate or snack bar Just let us know what you wish for!