Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 57

everyone off in the same space , no matter what your background or experience level is .
“ It ’ s very important to build community ,” says Faust . “ Building community is a huge part of building confidence .” And he ’ s right , isn ’ t he ? When we feel alone , all those dogcatchers in the mind come running , and if there ’ s no one close by to tell us the truth — that we ’ re a part of something bigger than ourselves and our perspective on the whole is integral to the whole understanding itself — then we stop imagining and we start believing something so insidious and so familiar that it doesn ’ t even bear mentioning . Keeping things relaxed , welcoming , open , is how Spark Central makes sure folks can feel like they ’ re coming in on their own AND that they ’ re part of a community .
To find something like Spark near you , try the following search directives : Creativity center , learning center , ( town name ) Department of Art
and History , ( state ) Commission on the Arts
On Google , Spark is listed as a learning center . That ’ s true , and maybe the best descriptor of the standards . They consider themselves to be more of a creativity center , of which learning is a huge part . They do this through a lot of mediums — art , coding , and robotics . Spark takes a broad look at creativity — nurturing anything you ’ re doing that is making something in an expressive way , or in a way that reflects your own particular personality or vision . Good luck ! Scan the QR Code to visit the spark central website : www . spark-central . org
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