Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 56

only twice between March 2020 and June 2021 . Membership with Spark is free and boasts about 5500 people , and while in normal times they might see about 600 active members , during the pandemic it was probably closer to 200 . However , with the relaxing limits and the invigorated enthusiasm and sense of safety in getting together , people can feel sure of having a workspace available at Spark once more .
Even throughout COVID , the organization maintained a roster of 30 active volunteers leading Drop-in programming , assisting with summer camps or their “ Level Up ” program ( after school mentoring ), working in the Creative Station ( the space itself ), helping patrons ( the term they use to refer to visitors even if they don ’ t spend a dime there ), library management , IT support , outreach , administrative support ... constantly manifesting this notion that if the idea has merit , it will find its way .
And there is always room for more ! Current needs include volunteers for fundraising , bookkeeping , and other tasks that require simply-but-valuable time and experience . “ Volunteers are an essential part of making the impact ,” says Faust . “ Volunteering at Spark is more about volunteer leadership , sharing your expertise and passions with the community .” Faust himself started as a volunteer , mostly helping with the library system , working with the kids , some robotics camps in 2017 , and supporting staff . He came onto the staff because he was so excited about the approach .
The creative arts can do this bridge work where very little else can , can ’ t it ? We ’ re all starting from the same basic space , when we find ourselves in a space together , whether it ’ s a country or a little room on a neighborhood corner . It ’ s equal , and it ’ s unique to every locality . Making the vision come alive starts