Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 54

like Madeline McNeill need to print and bind chant-operas about culture and philosophy for three actors dressed in jewelcolored tulle accompanied by a local harmonium player in a tiny room packed with people who brought their own chairs and are eating grapes off the ceiling . Spark offers free and extremely low-cost services to help people realize the things that are in their heads . “( They ’ ve ) been a great resource for me as an artist , providing free access to Adobe design programs , printing and book binding over the years ,” says Madeline . “ The staff and volunteers are friendly and welcoming and I am grateful for their presence and dedication to fostering creativity in the community .”
And how often do we think , “ I have an amazing idea ! But I don ’ t have ( fill in the blank : canvas , a computer , a stage , a quiet place to think ).” Another barrier often experienced by inspired people is access . Nanette Cloud has been volunteering here since 2016 , back at the beginning , right at the merger of a couple of organizations with a common goal : to have a space for a nonprofit that would bridge the gap and barriers between two juxtaposed neighborhoods . Cloud started with Drop in & Draw , one of Spark ’ s smorgasbord of “ Drop-in ” programs ( Drop In & Write , Drop In & Play , Drop In & Science , Drop In & RPG ). These are regular , themed slots of creativity and discovery that welcome participants without a ticket or a reservation . You simply “ drop in ”— with other folks of all ages , backgrounds , and abilities — to make things ... not the least of