Art Chowder September | October 2021 Issue No. 35 Issue 35 | Page 53

“ So what would I type into a search bar to find you guys ?” I asked Wilson Faust , station and volunteer manager at Spark Central in Spokane ’ s West Central / Kendall Yards neighborhood . Hearing about this place from artist friends was like hearing about a beloved family member —” They ’ re so helpful , kind , inclusive , resourceful … They ’ re always there for me when I ’ m in a low spot , or uninspired , or need help ... They ’ re just great .” When I was conceiving what became “ Arts Mean Business ” last year , and asking songwriter friends what local businesses they admire , Liz Rognes ’ s eyes lit up and she said , “ I would choose Spark !” This sentiment was echoed around the table and I suddenly felt like I was the only person who didn ’ t know one of the coolest kids in class .
It wasn ’ t surprising , then , when Faust answered my question with , “ We ’ re a nonprofit that breaks barriers to creativity .”
No matter what kind of creative / expressive practice you do , there are going to be barriers . The most obvious one that comes to mind first might be cost , and costs we take for granted as part of an independent artist ’ s lot ( or lack of lot ). Playwrights and screenwriters know the woes of printing 100 pages each for 10 actors on a budget that may or may not be borrowing from grocery money . Composer / thespians
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