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am not a regular writer for our publications — we have people far more skilled with the pen than I . However , when our new Editor in Chief , Robin Bishop , told me she was looking for a writer for this short article I volunteered . You see , I grew up near the Little Spokane River . My love for rivers and my love for the arts really do share equal places in my soul . I am happy to be able to share a bit of both worlds . The Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour was founded by Hulda Bridgemen and Gina Freuen and is set in the Little Spokane River Valley north of Spokane , Washington . Idyllic would be an appropriate word here .
While the setting is exceptional , the beautiful artwork and ability to interact with the artists is well planned . Gina Freuen shares , “ Our goal has always been to have the studios within a ten-minute drive from one another . Some are close enough to walk from one to the next . All are close enough for a bike ride .”


Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour

By Dean Cameron
This year the studios of Victoria Brace , Collista Krebs , Gina Freuen , Denise Steen , and Jill Smith are represented . These are working studios that have clay production , painting , jewelry , and sculpture as well . Currently , the tour boasts 40 other participants spread out between the five studios , four of which are located within one mile of each other . The Krebs studio is located about