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a nine-minute drive from the other four .
In its humble beginnings , the tour featured primarily Spokane area artists . However , the event has grown to attract artists from Seattle , Tacoma , Missoula , Ritzville , and more . The artists appreciate the fact that patrons from all over the Pacific Northwest have this event on their calendar .
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When asked what she feels the event will look like in coming years Gina responded that she thinks “ This event will continue to grow , with more and more people coming to it from outlying regions . Local area motels and restaurants should eventually benefit from our event . We have considered a Saturday evening beer garden , wine tasting , and concert event that would draw all the public to one location at the end of the day . Of course , it is our hope that patrons will try to visit each of the studios as well as enjoy the other entertainments the event has to offer . We will have food and beverage trucks this year at each studio , as well .”
I know where this humble publisher will be on September 25 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm . I hope to see you there ! Scan the QR Code to visit the website : www . littlespokanestudios . com
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