Art Chowder May | June 2022 Issue No. 39 - Page 19

If you would like to see some of Gay Waldman ’ s public art pieces , the Spokane Public Libraries recently chose to display one of them at the Shadle Library . She also has her artwork displayed on a handful of utility boxes in Spokane and Coeur d ’ Alene , Idaho .
Waldman in the Studio
Photo credit : JLepper
Of her art , Waldman said , “ My photo-art reaches beyond the impact of traditional photography . In a significant way , my work expands how the viewer perceives , considers , and interprets photographic media as art .”
After seeing her work , I fully agree with her statement . She is a remarkable person , businesswoman , and artist . With all her experience , I had to ask what , if any , advice would she give to artists just starting out ?
“ Work every day . In addition to being an art maker , be an observer while traveling , reading , listening , or viewing art . You will become mindful , and your awareness will blossom . Remain diligent . There will be hours of hard work that result in rejection letters , but there will also be great acceptances with a few awards sprinkled in . Every step is worthy .”
Gay ’ s art can be further explored at her website :
www . gwaldman . com /
“ Hydrangea Hideout ”
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