Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Info-Pack "Santa Barbara" - Page 3

Santa Barbara is a Training Course aiming to show the importance of personal and family relationship in young people’s future by self-reflection and making correlations between personal life and social and political engagement. The TC will provide a platform for the comparison of family traditions and related topics (e.g. gender, parents-children or sibling’s relationship, marriage, sex etc. issues) in different countries and will definitely bring together the variety of attitudes from different European countries and will contribute to the open-mindedness of the participants. We intend to combine non-formal education methods, psychological practices and meditation techniques in project work. The TC will gather young leaders, social and youth workers, especially dealing with youngsters with fewer opportunities. The expected result of the project is that participants develop skills and ready to use techniques for youth leaders in understanding and supportive coaching of young people with fewer opportunities. The objectives of the Training Course are the following:  To raise the awareness on the importance of personal life and relationship in family.  To share the moral principles and traditions from different cultures.  To motivate participants for self-analysis.  To improve the self-esteem of young people.  To get awareness of the connection between personal and social life.  To inspire young people to be the change and to make the change.