Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Info-Pack "Santa Barbara" | Page 2

Project Description Santa Barbara – a daily soap opera popular in the Post Soviet territory. Famous for its length (2137 episodes broadcasted during 10 years period) and the complexity of family relationships between the main characters. After several years of project experience and work with so-called difficult youngsters, adolescents with challenging behavior Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) and Föreningen Framtidståget (Sweden) have recognized that often we speak about important world issues and try to influence global problems, but do not notice, that our relationship with the world very much depends on the relationship with our nearest people. Almost every psychological counseling brings the patient to the understanding that the roots of most problems are hidden in the very childhood and in the family. Participants can be interested or not interested in political and social matters, but the question of relationship touches everybody. The practice shows, that intimate, personal, family relationship is one of the most challenging topics to speak about (as participants are shy to overcome the barrier to start to share their life experience), but also one of the most attractive and intriguing ones (as it is the most urgent issue for individuals – everyone has his/her own life to live, consisting of relationship). Thanks to participant reflections during and after plenty of projects the trainers know, how curious are people about this topic, how meaningful get discussions, when participants are ready to open and share their experience and how effective are the sessions, if the participants make their personal conclusions and bring their decisions to life.